Keep Eating Through The Christmas Celebrations

By: Wendy Hearn

What would it feel like not to be on a diet this Christmas? Are you ready to discover a way to control your weight, enjoy yourself and put an end to restrictive dieting?

December generally means a month full of office parties, celebrations and meals out. The temptation to overeat is very high and for those of us wanting to lose weight, it can be a difficult time. This perpetual internal battle not to eat extra food can be very stressful and sabotages our long term goal of permanent weight loss. Christmas is not a time to be on a diet. Instead, I encourage you to enjoy yourself and move towards being healthy. Relaxing a restrictive diet isn't a signal to go mad and eat anything and everything. Instead, just adopt a balanced approach to your eating and health.

I've found that many people compensate for the times they overeat by starving themselves the next day, or for a couple of days, until the next party or meal. This may seem sensible in as much as it evens out the amount of food consumed. However, what it really does is slow down your metabolism. This means that the next time you eat, your body isn't able to burn up food as efficiently and is more likely to store it as fat. So you' re achieving the opposite result to the one you were looking for. Your body ends up on a roller coaster of extra eating and then starvation. Unfortunately, when your metabolism slows down like this, you will find it much harder to lose weight afterwards. Also, if you've starved yourself for a while, you're much more likely to overeat when you're next faced with food. Food then becomes such a high priority that it's harder to eat sensibly. There's also the guilt aspect. If you've eaten extra food one day, you may well feel guilty. So if you starve yourself you can dismiss the guilt more easily by punishing yourself. Instead of embarking on this guilt / starvation cycle, start loving yourself. Weight loss is easier when you approach it from the perspective of loving yourself and taking care of your body. In short, if you do find yourself eating extra food , instead of starving yourself afterwards, just return to sensible healthy eating, without cutting back.

There are many ways that you can limit your weight gain at this time of year without restricting or starving yourself. Drink plenty of water to keep your body working efficiently - the feelings of thirst and hunger are often confused. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Increase the exercise you take, perhaps go for a few more walks. Generally be more active during the day, try walking up stairs or dancing at parties. All this activity will leave you feeling good about yourself and on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

I suggest you pick one activity you're going to do instead of starving yourself and continue with this throughout December. You may well find that you've added a healthy habit to your lifestyle, one that you choose to maintain in the future. When you find yourself feeling inclined to skip some food, remind yourself of the one activity you've committed to and do it.

Wendy Hearn is the author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight"

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