Losing Weight: Challenging You To Eat More Fruit

By: Wendy Hearn

I'm sure we've all heard the oft repeated message that we need to eat more fruit and vegetables every day. The quantity recommended varies with the message, so we often feel unsure which advice to heed. However, I would suggest that most of us are not eating enough fruit each day. So, instead of worrying about various different amounts and being unsure which way to go, I encourage you to focus on eating more fruit. There appears to be a gap between acknowledging that eating fruit is healthy for us and actually doing it. If you feel you would be healthier if you ate more fruit, then identifying this gap and what's preventing you eating enough fruit, will help you find a strategy to deal with it.

Grab a pen and paper, and write down all the different things which prevent you eating fruit. For instance, it could be:

Looking at what you've written down, ask yourself a few questions. What can I do differently to overcome this? What will it take for me to eat fruit? In what way can I persevere and keep eating this fruit?

Meals eaten away from home generally contain less fruit. They tend to be convenience and processed foods. However, you can choose to add fruit to your meal. If you're out and you're going to eat a take-away meal, I encourage you to add a piece of fruit to it. The original meal may not have been particularly healthy, but at least you would still have your fruit intake, thereby balancing the meal a little. When I've listened to people who want to lose weight, whenever they eat a convenience meal, the attitude tends to be "well, this meal isn't healthy but there's nothing I can do about it;" Oh yes there is something you can do - add a piece of fruit.

I think that one of the challenges in trying to eat more fruit stems from the fact that we're bombarded with so many adverts for high fat and high sugar products. You never see the same amount of advertising devoted to fruit. I understand that when you've been exposed to a day's worth of advertising, showing you all these wonderful looking and sounding products, you're more likely to buy these, rather than choose fruit. I suggest you find a way to tempt yourself to eat more fruit. It may be that you don't watch so many adverts. Or you put fruit in your home and office at prominent points to tempt you, or you buy and try as many different fruits as you can. Perhaps you could consider fresh, tinned and dried fruits, or drinking fruit juice on its own, with sparkling water or champagne.

The journey to weight loss includes eating foods which are as natural as possible. When you eat fruit, you will achieve this. There's a lot of goodness in fruit, giving your body a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Increasing your fruit consumption can help to decrease the risk of heart attacks, cancer and strokes. Eating fruit gives your body what it really needs to function well. It's like putting fuel into a car to make it run efficiently.

I really encourage you to choose more fruit. Perhaps, you could add some dried fruit to your work desk or briefcase, or have some available in your car if you travel often, or get yourself into the habit of choosing fruit as a snack.

Wendy Hearn is the author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight" http://www.PositiveWeightLoss.com

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