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Tips for Sweets Eaters, No Matter What Diet You Are On

For carbohydrate counters: If you love sweets, then a carbohydrate-counting diet is going to be pretty darn tough. These foods need to be eaten in moderation, especially when you are in the early phase of the diet and want to stay “in the pink.” Have only a small amount of sweet foods at hand. Make sure these foods are the ones you can eat without regret.

A New Look At Weight Loss

In the course of my research, I have read literally hundreds of studies on the effect of different diets on weight loss and other aspects of health. After years of sifting through these studies, I was struck by a surprising pattern that seemed to defy conventional medical wisdom: All these diets did work—for some people.

Are You a Victim of Your Weight?

Do you feel your weight is out of your control? Do you find yourself thinking you’ll always be overweight?

Losing Weight: Challenging You To Eat More Fruit

The journey to weight loss includes eating foods which are as natural as possible. When you eat fruit, you will achieve this. There’s a lot of goodness in fruit, giving your body a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Keep Eating Through The Christmas Celebrations

December generally means a month full of office parties, celebrations and meals out. The temptation to overeat is very high and for those of us wanting to lose weight, it can be a difficult time.

Goal Setting for Weight Loss

What goals are you setting for your weight loss and health? The setting of goals can really help you achieve weight loss or become healthier and fitter. Knowing how to set these goals is the first step in the process. Goals which are set effectively are more likely to be achieved. The process of setting the goal plays a very important part.

Is Your Goal To Lose Weight?

When you make your health your priority, you?re likely to lose weight anyway. The process occurs more naturally. You focus on what you want to achieve – health, rather than what you don?t want in your life which is excess weight.

Weight Loss: Tolerate only what you want to

What are you putting up with, that?s making losing weight harder than it need be? The chocolate which calls “eat me”, the lack of time for exercising, or the foods which aren?t enjoyable.

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