Weight Loss: Celebrate Your Achievements

By: Wendy Hearn

What have you achieved so far as you journey towards weight loss and health? I'm guessing that your answer lies somewhere along the lines of "not a lot" or "not enough." I've found that many people seem to forget or discard what they've achieved so far. For most people, the focus tends to be on the end result and although it's great to concentrate on what you want to achieve, one of the best ways to encourage yourself to keep moving ahead is to remind yourself regularly of what you've achieved. This reminder may take the form of a list of your achievements; perhaps in your journal or on a list you display somewhere which will encourage you. It may be on your fridge, on a kitchen cupboard, in your work area or in your handbag. I listen to people who've achieved so much and yet because they're not at their ultimate goal, or as skinny as others think they ‘should' be, they don't count all the steps they've taken. What steps have you taken towards weight loss, fitness and health? Record all your achievements, even the ones which seem small. They all count and constitute a great reminder for you. Your achievements could be

Even if the step you've taken so far is small, such as not taking sugar in your tea and coffee, it's a great start. Remind yourself of what you've done, not all the things you still need to do to achieve your goal of better health. When you focus on what you haven't done, the tendency is to give yourself a hard time and perhaps feel you'll never be capable of doing it. This isn't necessarily the truth. All steps, even small ones count. Just remember that as time goes by. Keeping taking steps forward is the way to achieve what you really want. The changes you make will then be more permanent.

What's the best way to record your achievements? How are you going to use this to encourage and inspire yourself? When is the best time to update your record of achievement? I encourage you to do it at least weekly. Every week, record at least 3 goals you've accomplished.

I can just hear you saying "That's all very well, but I've still got a long way to go." You probably have but I want you to do whatever you need to keep the momentum going. When we give ourselves a hard time, we're buying into our belief that we can't do this. But it's only a belief. It's not the truth. The beliefs we hold and what we focus on are what we're likely to achieve. Holding different beliefs and carrying out actions to support these beliefs will move you forward. So, for instance, if you believe you'll lose weight and you're making good progress, the recording of your achievements will support this belief. As your ultimate goal is for improved health, I want this to be reflected throughout your life. You may also find it encouraging to record other things you achieve in your life. Keep a list and read it regularly. Although it's a great booster to read it only when you're having a tough time, I also encourage you to feed regularly on this encouragement. I would suggest you've probably come a lot further in your journey than you're aware of. Give yourself permission to say "well done" and pat yourself on the back.

Wendy Hearn is the author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight" http://www.PositiveWeightLoss.com

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