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Arts and crafts are a great, inexpensive, and simple way to take time for yourself or spend time with your children — and who knows, you both might discover a hidden talent. Don't wait until you're retired to find that you have a deft hand with watercolors — put aside a little bit of time to explore arts and crafts.

A good way to get started is to organize some supplies. Paints and brushes, paper and glue, and some scissors are enough to get started. As your interest and skill increase, you may want to invest in additional supplies such as a soldering iron, hot glue gun, or some simple fabrics.

Mature and responsible children can often handle a soldering iron, which allows them to produce their very own Christmas ornaments — as well as develop ability applicable in many fields, such as electrical engineering. It is important, however, to go over all of the safety precautions before using such a tool.

Holidays are a great resource for project ideas. In addition to jack-o'-lanterns, this Halloween you may also want to try fabric witches or papier-mache skeletons. When you're trick-or-treating this year, take a look at what your neighbors have created. Most people skilled at making their own decorations are eager to share what they know, and appreciate their talent being recognized.

There are several monthly publications available for arts and crafts enthusiasts of all levels, as well as project books. Educators' materials may also contain some interesting ideas, and many arts and crafts stores carry a variety of resources to help you get started.

A class is also helpful. Beginners and old hands alike find that a class environment is not only stimulating for their creativity, but also helps them make sure to dedicate some time to their craft every week. Local community colleges may offer classes of interest, and most cities parks and recreational departments will also provide fun, affordable classes for people of all ages.

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