Sunny Projects for Cold Winter Days

By: Mindy Benjamin

Too cold or rainy to go outside and play on Winter days?   How about making Spring come early with projects  that bring a little sunshine indoors!   

Try these projects with the kids (or on your own) to warm  up your Winter days:   

  1. Create a Springy scene in your child's room or playroom.   

    Now is a great time to spruce up the walls with a little  color. Trace a simple picture from a coloring book, or use  a bowl to trace circles for polka dots, around your child's  room. Use regular acrylic paints from the craft store to  fill in the design. Try painting your design in just a  small band around the room at child height for a dramatic  and fun look, without being an intimidating project.    

    You can also use poster board cutouts decorated with your  child's handprints or drawings, hang them at your child's  eye level around the room, and voila, instant Spring charm.  And a fun project you can do together to boot!   

  2. Make a "Summer Fun In Winter" Grab Bag   

    Grab an old pillowcase or T-shirt, or anything that's blank  and of light color that can be tied shut. Let your child  pick five things he or she loves about Summer and write  each on a small piece of paper or note card. Decorate the  pillowcase with colors and pictures that remind you of the  five things. Color with markers, glue on photographs or  magazine cutouts, or attach ribbons in fun colors. Put  all the pieces of paper inside the Grab Bag (if you used a  T-shirt then sew, tie, or pin the sleeves and neck shut)  and shake. Each day you're stuck inside, pull out a sheet  from the bag and make a game of it.    

    Some ideas:  

    • Swimming - Put on your swimsuits and swim and splash in the  tub. Add some Beach Boys music in the background. 

    • Picnic - Lay out a blanket and have a picnic inside.  

    • Sunshine - Sing "You Are My Sunshine" and make up a funny  dance. Color pictures of the sun and sunny day activities  to hang around the house.

  3. Wrap up a Sunny Day present 

    Grab a box or bag, have a scavenger hunt with your child to  find things you use only (or mostly) when it's warm and  sunny. 

    Fill the box, wrap it up in wrapping paper and ribbons and  make a big gift card together. Put the box in a special  place for the first warm, sunny day or any special date  that you choose together. Drop in a picture of your kids all wrapped up in their winter gear.

    It will be fun opening the Sunny  Day present and remembering the cold day you put it  together!

Have fun!  Just a sunny smile can warm your whole day.

Mindy Benjamin designs clothes and furnishings for the baby and toddler set, leads preschool music classes and is the mother of two.  Find her designs and fun crafts and activity projects at

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