How To Discover A New Career

By: Dave Lindbeck

Many people dream of starting a new career. Perhaps you're one of those who would rather be doing something else for a living. You've thought hard about what that might be. You've wondered how to make a change. And in the final analysis, you probably didn't do anything about it.

Most people who consider starting a new career never do it, primarily because they don't know where to start. They also expect to know exactly what it is that they will pursue, and in the absence of that certainty, fail to take any action.

Although some people will know what's next for them, it's unreasonable to expect that that idea will come easily. You've been practicing your current work, not practicing ways to explore your options. As such, you're not likely to know your next step.

Here's a strategy to change that!

If you're pondering the idea of moving on to something else in your work world, consider these tips to help you explore what's next.

  1. Write down a few paragraphs that describe what you'd like to be doing. As a guide, think about what experiences you'd like to be having. For example - "I'd like to be experiencing other cultures." "I'd like to be leading and influencing people." "I'd like to be writing great stories."

  2. Begin exploring these options. For example - write for an hour a week. Connect with people in other countries via the web or go to the library and read about other places. Meet with respected leaders and ask them questions about leadership and influencing people. You never know what you might discover.

  3. Keep a journal of the things you discover about yourself, your interests and your ideas. You'll find this a valuable resource that will guide you to what's next.

This is the beginning of a process that can lead to a more formalized plan. However, an important first step is to begin discovering what interests you and what inspires you. This strategy will do just that.

Until you engage in exploration and discovery, you'll not really know what's next. It's not just about a job and a paycheck, it's about enjoying work that is fun, gives you a sense of accomplishment and is rewarding.

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