Nurturing the Working Mom


Working mothers have a very full plate. They are constantly shuffling from one thing to another and sometimes struggle just to keep all the necessary hats on their heads. Acting as a boss or employee, a mother, a wife, and still managing to find time for the nurturing care she needs is a tall order, but it is possible to spread a working woman’s time well enough to cover all the bases. It simply requires planning.

Working mom: The Job Description
Being a working mother is complex. In addition to working as a wife and mother, she must also keep things stable at her place of employment. There are additional time strains such as commuting and what should be relaxing time on the weekends is often spent rushing around picking up dry cleaning and groceries between scheduled naps and play dates. Working one job was hard enough, but taking on two or even three is exhausting.

Working mom: Start with the Basics
The first step in reclaiming some time and quality of life is to start with the basics. The work schedule may or may not be flexible, but by thinking about areas a mother is willing or able to change can be a starting point. Can she go to work an hour or two earlier so that she’s home earlier in the day? Is the company open to longer days Monday through Thursday and taking Fridays off? Can errands be run on the weekends to avoid the time crunch on the weekends?

Once the work schedule is as efficient as possible, consider what items may be tweaked to make a difference in workload or scheduling. If a carpool is possible, a working mother may be able to take advantage of time in the car to return phone calls or get caught up on paperwork. If she is a work at home mom, can she rearrange her working hours to fit into existing naptimes?

Working mom: Prioritize
With anything in life, priorities matter. Most likely the welfare of the children comes first. With that in mind, many mothers could look at the schedule of their child to find more time in the day. If a child has a late bedtime, it might be a healthier option for that little one to go to bed by seven or eight PM.  This offers mom a break in the evenings to take care of other things, and makes sure the child is well rested for his or her busy days.

After the children are in bed, find things to do as a couple that take advantage of a relationship, but utilize time well, too. If, for example, a working mother has been recording favorite shows, perhaps she can convince her husband to watch the shows together. Or if she is able to multitask, she can listen to a recorded book while folding laundry in the evening.

Working mom: Plan Ahead
Unless culinary arts a hobby, time can be cut in the kitchen as well. Simple meals are fast to prepare and the crock pot is a blessing to a working mother. Casseroles created on the weekends can be reheated during the week, and involving older children in the dinner process can shave time off preparation, and give mom a chance to catch up on everyone’s day.

Every household is different, and every mother has more than enough to do on a given day. Finding a way to fit everything in is definitely a work in progress, but once the basic routines are set, time becomes available for leisure activity, and that is something all working mothers need. 


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