Cooking Can Help You Lose Weight


Today's modern life discourages people from taking the time to prepare their own meals. Eating in the car and grabbing a quick bite in a restaurant are ever more popular ways of dining. It takes a little extra effort and time to cook your own food, but it's a worthwhile pursuit that can benefit your health, wallet and family.

People across the country are waking up to the fact that the fare offered by most fast food restaurants isn't particularly healthy. While these restaurants have made attempts lately to add healthier meals to their menus, it's still a far cry from a dish cooking with fresh ingredients and personal care.

Nutritionists who study what is called in those circles "the French paradox" — meaning the fact that French people have low obesity rates despite their diet containing lots of "unhealthy" ingredients such as egg and butter partially account for this circumstance by the fact that many French people use fresh ingredients. Also, you're less likely to overeat if you've spent time preparing the meal. Taking time to eat at a leisurely pace also helps your metabolism process your food, meaning that you get better nutrition and are less likely to pack on pounds.

Even a quick meal will usually cost at least five dollars per person at a restaurant. Compare this to the amount of pasta, vegetables or meat available for the same amount at your grocer, and it quickly becomes apparent that the cost of eating out adds up. Also, fancy dishes such as poached salmon or barbecued steak are much more affordable if you prepare them yourself.

Cooking can be a fun way to bond with your family. Experimenting with new ingredients or exotic recipes will encourage children to try new foods and learn about dishes from around the world. Many couples also find that preparing a meal together can be a romantic experience on par with dinner in a classy, low-lit restaurant. Make sure to spend mealtimes talking and sharing events from the day and you're likely to find it's a great way to relieve stress and get to know your family better.

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