20 Ways One Person Can Change the World for Under $50 a Month

By: Pamela Cole Harris

How can one person change the world? If not the entire world…then one person's world? By taking positive action! Look around your community! There are needs every day…on every block. And you don't have to be rich, talented or even "connected" to meet them. You just have to be willing to do a small amount or give a small amount every month. But that small amount can make a big difference in someone's life. Here are some things you can do for under $50 to change someone's world:

  1. Buy a box of groceries for one or two families in need a month.

  2. Buy books each month for 10 kids who can't afford them.

  3. Buy diapers for your local day care center.

  4. Dedicate $50 a month to sponsor inner city children for summer camp.

  5. Buy safe space heaters for those who can't afford them in the winter.

  6. Or pay part of someone's electric bill during the cold winter or hot summer.

  7. Adopt a senior that has no family nearby. Take them for rides, shopping and lunch or a special dinner on their birthday.

  8. Buy smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms for 2-3 families a month. You may save a life.

  9. Commit to mentoring 1 student with the goal of making sure that student graduates from high school. Commit $50 a month toward college tuition.

  10. Buy $50 of fresh fruit and vegetables every month and donate them to a senior or child day care center.

  11. Adopt a family. Be responsible for presents on holidays and birthdays and special dinners on holiday occasions.

  12. Help a senior or single mother with monthly cleaning chores or home repairs.

  13. Pay for a dental exam for one needy child a month.

  14. Commit $50 toward college books for a worthy student.

  15. Round up clothing in your neighborhood and give it to a domestic violence shelter along with $50 to augment supplies.

  16. Buy a car seat a month and donate it to your local hospital or health department for families who cannot afford proper restraints for their children.

  17. Give $50 worth of general school supplies (paper, crayons, pencils, etc.) to your local school per month.

  18. Buy $50 worth of coats at your local thrift shop and donate them to a local homeless shelter.

  19. Buy $50 worth of yarn or fabric for local sewing or knitting clubs which make quilts and afghans for those in need.

  20. Donate $50 a month to your local United Way. Each local United Way is autonomous. Check with your local United Way to find out how your donations can be leveraged to help greater numbers of your neighbors.

Look around your community. There are needs that you can meet. You just have to be willing to do a small amount or give a small amount every month. Start now and make 2004 the year you change the world!

Pamela Cole Harris is an editor, writer and mother with 35 years experience. Visit http://www.all-homeandgarden.com for more articles on a kid-friendly home. Pamela's new book, "100+ Wildly Imaginative Ways to Create Your Own Coffee Table" is also available at http://www.lulu.com/pamelacoleharris.

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