7 Gift Ideas for your Caregiver

By: Suzanne Hansen

The Holiday Season is the ideal time to express your gratitude to your child-care provider. Sharing your family's appreciation for all they "receive" throughout the year is very important. Whether you have a full-time nanny, a day-care provider, or a teenage babysitter, there are several thoughtful gifts that can be individualized to your special caregiver. Here are seven gifts ideas that will always be remembered.

Spa service Massage, facial, manicure or pedicure. Caregivers are often so busy meeting everyone else's needs they overlook their own needs. A service that is totally self-indulgent is a rarity to someone who normally thinks of others first.

Gift card for video rentals added to a basket with microwave popcorn and traditional movie candies. After a busy day with children, relaxing in your PJ's at home with a movie is more of a treat than going out to a theater.

Gift certificate for a clothing boutique Caregiver's wardrobes usually consist of wash and wear clothing, for obvious reasons. Having an opportunity to shop for an outfit that is not 100% cotton is a fun splurge.

Coupon good for "one day off WITH PAY" You can add a note about planning a day that works for both of you. This is an exciting gift to receive, and gives your caregiver something to look forward to.

Picture of your child Nannies love to show off pictures of their little charges to everyone. Some ideas are: a picture frame made by the child with a school picture in it. A mug, a mouse pad, or a calendar (most copy stores can make any variety of these items from a photo).

Microwave popcorn and tin of butter cookies If your child attends a day-care center where it is not feasible to give each teacher a gift, giving snacks that can be enjoyed throughout the year will be much appreciated by all. Hint: individually wrap the popcorn bags and goodies.

Gift certificate for a bookstore or online bookseller Your caregiver will appreciate an opportunity to choose a new title by their favorite author or add to their personal library of children's books.

Often, people that choose careers in care giving and teaching are so focused on others needs and wants, that they neglect their own. Giving a gift that demonstrates your belief that they too, deserve to treat themselves will be greatly appreciated. Sharing our gratitude of others is a simple way to acknowledge all that we are grateful for in our lives through out the year.

Suzanne Hansen is the author of "You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again!" The Adventures and Misadventures of a Hollywood Nanny. Suzanne Hansen's insightful new memoir provides the first peek into the private lives of some of LA's most powerful players, as told from a nanny's perspective. She was a high-risk labor and delivery nurse, lactation consultant and childbirth educator for many years. She is now a "Stay at Home AND Work Mommy." Suzanne discusses her experiences in her book in addition to educating people about the more serious concerns regarding childcare in major publications and online. She lives with her husband and two children in Portland, Oregon. Visit Suzanne at www.hollywoodnanny.com.

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