Getting Rid Of Clutter Doesn’t Make You Organized


The International Association of Professional Organizers (IAPO) is looking once and for all -- to end the misconception that professional organizers are glorified housekeepers.

"Too many people even some beginning organizers assume that once you've straightened up a home or office and thrown away the clutter that means the space is organized," said Elizabeth Losher, IAPO's Executive Director. Losher says there is a big difference between being neat and being organized. "Your space may look like a picture from House Beautiful magazine, but without systems to contain, find and retrieve items and information, you're not truly organized."

Even hidden clutter can still wreak havoc in your personal and work life. That's why Losher offers these additional tips to help you get organized for good:

Tips For Getting Organized For Good

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Source: International Association of Professional Organizers, CPO™ Certification Board

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