‘Giving Works’ And ‘Charity Focus’ Offer New Tools For Online Giving

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In 2001, the most popular form of charitable giving was still through door-to-door requests. Since then, online giving has become an increasingly popular way to make charitable donations.

More and more non-profit organizations are finding that the best way to make charity donation easy for the people who want to give is through the World Wide Web.

Some organizations attach their names to larger corporations who can make charity donation another part of the transactions people normally go through while buying online. For example, proceeds from eBay auctions are now eligible for donation to a charity of the auctioneer's choice, and the process is easy.

Through a company called Giving Works, eBay auctioneers can choose from numerous non-profit organization profiles, then assign the proceeds from an ebay auction to the chosen charity. A list of charitable organizations that accept donations through Giving Works is available online. If you regularly use eBay as a way to discard unwanted goods or if you have some items worth more, you might want to consider donating the proceeds, especially since it is done easily, with just the click of a mouse.

Even small charities that formerly might have been relatively inaccessible now have access to online donation processing systems. By paying a small monthly fee for the maintenance of an online database and payment processing system, these small charities can now accept donations through a simple link on their own websites.

If you are interested in making a charity donation to a small non-profit organization, check individual websites for information on how you can make your contribution online.

One organization, called Charity Focus, is involved in making online giving easier and more informative for the people who want to give donations to charity. Many people find it difficult to trust the current arenas for online donating, which explains why door-to-door requests have been more successful in the past.

To eliminate the fears and incomplete information available to most people looking to make charity donations online, Charity Focus is creating a website that lists not just organizations, but actual projects that non-profit organizations are requesting money for. When you make your donation, you can see exactly how the charity is planning to use your money, and how much they will need to raise to put their plans into action.

Another plan that Charity Focus has to make donating work for ordinary people is to develop a charity registry, where people can find out what your favorite charities and make donations on your behalf as a gift for your birthday, holidays, or other important event. Charity Focus has detailed information about how making charity donations online is becoming more sensible and safe for everyone.

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