Help In The Laundry Room – 10 Frugal Tips!

By: Cyndi Roberts

Finding bargains on clothing is one of the primary goals of frugal living.

But, making that clothing last and look good for as long as possible is sometimes a real challenge, given today's high prices on laundry products.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your clothes looking their best without spending a fortune!

  1. Buy good quality. If you are buying new clothing, it is especially important to get the best quality you can afford. Poor quality garments just won't last no matter how carefully you care for them.

  2. Wash as directed on the label. If it says wash in cold water, then be sure you do. One sure way to ruin an article of clothing is to use an improper cleaning method.

  3. Wash everything you can in cold water. Most experts say clothes get just as clean in cold water as in warm or hot. For sure, there will be less shrinkage. And if there's a stain you didn't see and pre-treat, it won't be set in by hot water and maybe you can still get it out!

  4. Always rinse in cold water; hot water sets wrinkles.

  5. Turn T-shirts and sweatshirts inside out before washing. This will cut down on the "pilling" on the fabric caused by the clothes rubbing together during the wash cycle.

  6. Hang those T-shirts and sweatshirts to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer. The decals or printing on the front and back will stay looking nice much longer.

  7. In fact, hang dry everything you can. Especially if it's 100% cotton. Heat sets wrinkles and shrinks cotton. Smooth the garments out as you hang them, whether you're hanging them directly on a hanger or on the clothesline outdoors.

  8. If you accidentally leave a load of clothes in your washer overnight and they have that sour smell, just add about 1/2 cup white vinegar and run through a rinse cycle. They'll smell sweet again!

  9. Here's a recipe for homemade pre-treatment that will remove almost any stain: mix equal parts of water, ammonia ( maybe lemon- scented), Wisk and water. Put in a spray bottle and keep it handy in your laundry room. Spray on spots just like you would the expensive kind!

  10. Instead of buying an expensive specialty product for your fine washables--try using a small amount of baby shampoo. Works just as good!

But, of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

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