How To Accomplish a Summer Goal

By: Barbara Myers

Do you have a goal for this summer? Is there something you want to accomplish? Here's how to go about it the organized way:

  1. Decide on only one major goal for the summer. It's best to focus on one thing and accomplish it than to try to do five projects and not complete any of them.
  2. Give yourself a time limit. For example, I'm going to finish landscaping the front of the house by June 30th.
  3. Break your project down into baby steps. Make a list of mini-goals to complete the project. Break those goals down into things to do, things to buy, calls to make, etc.
  4. Do a little every day if possible. Spending fifteen minutes daily on your goal will add up to over 20 hours by the end of the summer.
  5. Stay motivated! Place a picture of your goal on your refrigerator or computer monitor. If you can see your finished project, you'll stay motivated to continue working on it.

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