Inspiration: The Fuel Of Life!

By: Momentum Performance Development

Isn't being inspired magnificent? It's almost majestic… surreal. Inspired people often feel euphoric, in the flow, ready to take on the world. Inspiration can affect everything you do and see, if you let it! When you are inspired, life feels full and alive, there's no room for gloom, doom, lack or want!

If you plan on being successful and happy, it's imperative to maintain inspiration throughout your life. When I begin with new clients I always ask, "When was the last time you were really inspired"? Most clients cannot even remember. This is sad. Because inspiration is the fuel of life. Inspiration gives motivation and encouragement. is available to everyone and is invaluable!

A few ways to get inspired!

  1. Take a class.
  2. Exercise
  3. Choose a favorite book and contact the author for a chat (this is one of my favorites!).
  4. Work with a coach. I'm always inspired after a call with my coach!
  5. Begin each day with inspirational reading!
  6. Spend time with mother-nature, visit a natural wonder (grand canyon, red wood forest, old faithful).
  7. Donate your time to charity.
  8. Go to an art museum / ballet / opera.
  9. Run a race.
  10. Watch the wonder of children's play.
  11. Have a profound conversation with a wise being.
  12. Pray / meditate.
  13. Paint, draw, or write (even if you think you stink!).
  14. Color with crayons!

There are hundreds of ways to get inspired. The challenge is actively planning inspiring experiences as part of your everyday life.

Take Action! Make a list of 30-100 inspiring activities or experiences, then schedule on your calendar at least one inspiring event for each week of the year! You'll feel great and you'll be more successful!

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