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The Power Of Beliefs

Years ago I had the opportunity to meet a woman who reinforced my understanding of the power of beliefs. A woman who is probably one of the most powerful individuals I will ever encounter. I met Chris in 1986 while taking the Dale Carnegie course in Santa Rosa, California.

Great Bargains At Thrift Stores And Yard Sales

I love the thrift stores and yard sales because there is a great variety of items and these items are usually very inexpensive which saves me a lot of money for spending on other items or saving. Here are some examples of great deals that I find.

Rebuilding: 10 Ways To Spring Forward

Anxious to leave winter behind, I didn’t focus on the loss of an hour but took delight in the promise of warmer temperatures, and even contemplated how my coaching clients could use this season to “spring forward”.

Wedding Favors That Embrace Nature’s Beauty

A wedding planned in the spirit of nature provides the perfect avenue for selecting wedding favors fashioned after elegant symbols consisting of, but not limited to maple leaves, butterflies, lavender buds, and roses. While there is certainly no shortage of wedding favors available today that are inspired by nature, those that are carefully designed with distinctive style and artistic detail remain popular choices.

Emotional Health: Are You Feeling In Control?

When it is all said and done, do you feel like you stay on an even keel emotionally most of the time? Here is a story about how easy it is to lose one’s emotional balance.

Getting Rid Of Clutter Doesn’t Make You Organized

“Too many people ? even some beginning organizers ? assume that once you’ve straightened up a home or office and thrown away the clutter that means the space is organized,” said Elizabeth Losher, IAPO’s Executive Director. Losher says there is a big difference between being neat and being organized. “Your space may look like a picture from House Beautiful magazine, but without systems to contain, find and retrieve items and information, you’re not truly organized.”

The Organization Process

Many of us, including myself, are far from the dream above, but I know we can get there. We can achieve anything we want as long as we want it bad enough. We just need perseverance and patience. I know this because I am currently in this organizing process and I am experiencing success!

Putting Family First

I once knew a man who spent his life working and trying to provide for his family. More than anything, he wanted to be successful. In his mind, that meant making a lot of money and having material things to show for it – nice house, new car, expensive suits, cash in hand.

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