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Gift Jar Mixes

Make people gift mixes in a jar as an inexpensive Christmas Gift. Use a nice canning jar and fill it with the dry ingredients for a baking recipe. Decorate the jar and attach the recipe so that the recipient can complete the recipe by adding the necessary wet ingredients. To get recipe ideas just type "Gift Jar Mixes" into your search engine.

Saving Money With a Name Drawing

My family has decided to draw names for Christmas gifts this year. My retired parents were still buying for myself and my four sisters, our husbands and 10 grandchildren. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, they (and all of us) drew the number of names to match how many we have in our family. We are limiting the expenditure to $25 per person. This will make the holidays much less stressful and a lot more economical. It is also more fun to focus in on a few gifts rather than trying to buy for the masses. By Amy

Quick and Easy Tree Ornament

A quick and easy Christmas tree ornament can be made by using clear glass ornament balls. Drop paint in through the hole and then turn it upside down and let sit overnight. The paint will spread out and coat the inside of the ball. Swirls of red and white or green and white make really pretty ornaments. Put the top back on the ball when dry. Add a ribbon on the top.

Christmas Tree Tips

If you buy a natural tree, check the ends of the needles. Rub some of the sprigs between your fingers. If needles fall off, the tree is already dry. If not, it's a good one. Saw an inch off the bottom off the tree before you put it into the stand, this will allow it to soak up more water and it will last longer. Keep the water level in your tree stand deep enough to cover the cut base of the trunk. The first week that the tree is in the house it will absorb water quickly, so keep a close eye on the water level. By Jane

Christmas Cards

When you receive Christmas cards, cut out and tape the return address to the back of each card before tossing the envelope. After the holidays, store the cards together until the following year. When December rolls around next year, just pull out the previous season's greetings to start creating your Christmas card list.

Kids Craft Project

Turn your kids loose with various sizes and shapes of pasta, a bottle of glue, and some glitter! They can create beautiful snowflakes (which make pretty Christmas tree ornaments/gifts), noodle people, dinosaurs, etc. Just have some pasta shapes such as wheels, bow ties, elbows, and spirals. It works best to glue the projects on small sheets of wax paper. It's easy to peel the wax paper off after the project dries.

Shop at Antique Malls or Flea Markets

When you are shopping for Christmas, don't overlook antique malls and flea markets. You can find some unique and unusual gifts that you can't find elsewhere (or make yourself) for a variety of prices, even as cheap as a few dollars!

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