Making Mom’s Feel Special

By: Alli Ross

On Mother's Day we celebrate the women who nurture and raise our families, lead us to our first day of school, and share in each small achievement. She is superwoman of the household. However, on this special day, let mom throw her feet up and give her the royal treatment she deserves.

Here are some ideas on how to make her day special:

A leading online gift service has recently revealed what mom does NOT want to be given this mother's day. 500 moms were asked to name the worst Mother's Day gifts. Are these on your list?

Worst Mother's Day Gifts Ever:

So, what do moms care most about? Moms want loved ones to remember their special day. Most moms love jewelry, flowers, and a day off from chores. What she wants most is your time....our most valuable asset.

While moms everywhere will receive gifts ranging from flowers, hugs, kisses, jewelry, and candles, most just want to be "Queen for a Day". So, this Mother's Day, be sure to treat her extra special.

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