Adding A Birdbath To Your Lawn Or Garden

By: Rick Rouse

Every child knows that running under a sprinkler or being sprayed by a water hose is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. Cool water always makes the summer's heat tolerable and even enjoyable. You can offer the same relief from the heat to the birds in your backyard!

By installing a simple birdbath, you will make your yard more attractive while also being able to enjoy the pleasure of watching a large variety of birds playing and splashing around in the cool pool of water.

Your new birdbath doesn't need to be expensive. It can be as simple as a shallow pan filled with water placed on your lawn. Or if you want to go all out, you can build or purchase an exquisite concrete birdbath complete with fountain. Or you can choose something in between. The choice is yours and the birds won't care how much you spend. They'll love whatever you provide for them to bathe and play in.

There are a few things to consider when you place a birdbath on your lawn or in your garden. Birds prefer shallow water (no more than 1-2 inches). If the water is deeper than that they will avoid it out of fear.

Also, the bottom of the birdbath should have a fairly rough surface. Birds feel more comfortable when they have a solid footing.

You should also place your birdbath in an open area of your lawn or garden. Predators such as cats like to hide in shrubs and foliage waiting for an opportunity to catch birds unaware. Birds prefer to have a clear view of the surrounding area so that they can keep an eye out for danger.

If you follow these suggestions, you'll have lots of birds that are eager to take advantage of your new birdbath!

After you have found the most appropriate location for your birdbath and installed it, you can then concentrate on attracting the birds to it. Having a ready supply of food nearby is an excellent way to attract your feathered friends. If you keep a well-stocked birdfeeder near the birdbath they will eat their fill and then splash around in the water for a few minutes.

The sound of splashing water will also help attract birds to your birdbath. You should consider using a fountain with your birdbath (a simple water hose set to a fine mist will do). Also, if you water your lawn or garden, keeping the sprinkler set to a fine mist will make an attractive sound to entice birds from near and far.

Always be sure to keep the birdbath clean. Dirt and waste can make birds sick. Also, birds need a steady supply of clean, cool water in order to remain healthy. Re-supply the birdbath with fresh water often during the hot summer months. Water evaporates quickly and it is splashed away to the ground by the birds. If possible, place your birdbath near some tree branches. If a tree is nearby, the birds will play in the branches after bathing, providing lots of enjoyment for you as well as for them!

Your new birdbath will be a wonderful addition to your lawn and garden in the winter time as well as the summer. Although most plants go dormant in the winter, birds continue to need a water source and many local streams and ponds may well be frozen over and not provide the water they need in order to survive and remain healthy. Also, there are different species of birds around in the winter time as opposed to the summer. Be sure to keep your birdbath free of ice and filled with water during cold weather. The water is useless to birds if it is only available as a block of ice!

A birdbath will add beauty to your lawn and provide year after year of pleasure, for you as well as for your feathered friends!

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