Getting Started With Your Home Garden


A garden is a project that often requires a fairly large initial investment of both time and money at the outset — as well as a commitment to maintain it. Those who make their home garden a significant portion of their lives find that is rewarding both as a place to relax, and as a fun and healthy hobby.

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, you can imagine the enjoyment you'd receive from converting that dusty, weedy dead space into a green, relaxing environment. No matter what your climate, it's possible to create a lovely home garden that with regular, low-level maintenance will continue to thrive and provide you with pleasure.

In dry climates clever gardeners use green, drought resistant shrubs, cacti, and a little bit of irrigation and inspiration to produce spaces that are both relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Many gardeners enjoy employing touches such as rock beds, small waterfalls, and deck and patio surfaces to create a nice atmosphere.

The shape of the space is often as important as its contents or size. Break away from the city and suburban planning most of us are used to. Throw in some twists and check out an article on feng-shui. Feng-shui literally means, "wind-water" but in fact refers to a design principle employed throughout Asia that not only makes the most of small spaces but also turns geometry into a form of art.

A home garden can be a good workout as well as a place to relax. If you put in the plants and walkways yourself, you'll definitely start to get to get in shape. Many people find that a little bit of exertion digging holes for trees or pulling weeds is easier to stomach than a half hour on a treadmill — and who can blame them, it might take a while to see the fitness results, but a few days work can literally transform your yard.

There are many popular home garden books and magazines. A trip to the library can help you get started, as many of these contain detailed plans for elaborate projects. Use these resources as a starting point and put together something uniquely yours — within the constraints of your time and budget.

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