Giving Your Garden A Touch Of Home

By: Rick Rouse

During the warm months we try to spend a great deal of our leisure time outdoors. It's a good idea to decorate your lawn and garden areas with all the comforts of your home. A few nice touches will provide your outdoor space with a feeling of welcome and beauty!

Using color is a great way to add character to your lawn and garden. You can pick an intense color or use one of the lighter, less obtrusive hues. A white fence or gate compliments your bright, vibrant blooms and it doesn't even have to lead to anything in particular. Just use a short length of white picket fencing in the midst of a beautiful wildflower garden to add visual appeal and a country touch to your property. If you have a porch or deck area, you can use beautiful hand-made quilts or pillows with bright, lively colors that match or contrast with the colors of your flowers.

It's also fun to experiment with texture. Highlight smooth surfaces with baskets. A patio table can be accented with a basket of fruit or flowers. Rough stepping-stones or walking areas add a rural touch to an "in-town" flower garden. A swing on your porch or in the midst of your garden can provide relaxation and pleasure at the end of a stressful day. You can sit and take in the sweet aromas and beauty of the spring and summer seasons.

A gazebo accents a garden extremely well without being too flashy or prominent. You can decorate the gazebo with potted plants and metal ornaments. If properly placed, you can sit in your gazebo and take in the view of your entire garden!

Fun items such as ornamental butterflies, cast iron frogs and turtles, angels, benches, and birdbaths will lend a distinctive touch to any outside area. These attractions will give visitors the impression that you worked just as hard on the accessories as on the garden itself.

An antique clawfoot bathtub makes an exceptional water garden, birdbath, or fountain! Use a shower head as a sprinkler and you'll have birds flittering here and there. Place the tub in a corner of your garden or near a fence covered with ferns or ivy and you can have a breathtaking waterfall in your garden.

If you decide to use inexpensive items (highly recommended), they can be changed often and your garden will always have a fresh look to it. Use your imagination and show off your plants and your artistic talent!

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