Do You Need Another Clock?

By: Evian Francis

No other generation has ever been more conscious of time. We are always scurrying in an attempt to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, these lost moments can never be recaptured so perhaps we would be better off to just relax and learn to appreciate each one.

To help you do that, however, you may want to be sure your home has enough clocks. There are all kinds of ways to tell time, including wristwatches, mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, radio clocks, and wall clocks. Most of us have several varied kinds at home. But could you use another one?

Families the world over have radio clocks or ones for the nightstand in the bedroom where we sleep. We do so in order to know the time at any point we like such as going to bed for the night, awakening for work in the morning, or even to make sure the teenager made it home last night by curfew. By setting it for a specific time to sound, radio clocks have an alarm feature to help us awaken when they wish. If you don't already have a clock in the bedroom, perhaps you should consider adding one to this room for any one of the reasons listed above or perhaps even because of some personal purpose of your own.

Kitchens are also popular choices for clocks as communal activities such as eating or doing homework are performed here. They keep clocks in this room to see if it is time to check on the cake baking in the oven or even to see how much time they have left to finish their studies prior to their favorite program starting on the television. People with work to get to on time also like clocks in this room so they know when to leave.

Other popular clock locations include the family room or living room, where family members often spend time doing a variety of things, such as watching television or talking on the phone. One might want to check the clock to see if it's time for a favorite show. Or when on the telephone, it might be helpful to use the time as an excuse to get off the line. Whatever your lifestyle or schedule, chances are you could use another clock in your home, so head for the store and check out the latest deals in time-telling equipment. With a host of colors, shapes, and designs to choose from, you may even enjoy this little venture and return feeling quite good about your purchase.

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