Finding A Good Moving Company


After all the trouble of looking for a new house and deciding to uproot yourself (even if it's just across town) choosing the right moving company can seem like a trivial detail. In fact, the people who help move your stuff can make the move an easy, "no problem" experience, or a nightmare that will make you wish you had never contacted your real estate agent.

Most moving companies truly want the customer to be happy. Taking care of expensive items and other valuable, making sure none of your property is damaged, and a timely method of packing up and getting your stuff to your new place are all things that most moving companies strive for.

At the same time, movers are people too, and sometimes people make mistakes, or are just plain lazy. In the end, the amount of "bad apple" moving companies is relatively small, so what you should be looking for boils down to three things: promptness, efficiency and thoroughness.

Word of mouth remains the best way to find out about whether a moving company is right for you or not. Contact someone you know who has recently moved, or contact your realtor and ask him or her to put you in contact with someone. If the moving company has passed their test, it very well might pass yours as well.

Moving your family to a new location is a stressful enough process without anything unfortunate happening during the move. Do your homework and make sure that the company you go with is reputable. Ask specific questions about their policies regarding valuables damaged during shipping. Try to get to know as much about them as possible, before signing any contract.

In the end, most moving companies will provide more or less the same service, for more or less the same price. Getting to know your options, and the rating that your friends and family give various companies, is a great way to make sure that you don't end up having a bad experience.

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