Finding The Best Outdoor Recreation For You


Whether you're interested in reconnecting with nature, rekindling a romance — or just getting some fresh air — outdoor recreation is a popular pastime that can be inexpensive and close to home. Many people relish taking a long trip to a favorite nostalgic or exotic destination, and getting out into the wilderness. What some may not realize is the abundance of outdoor recreation areas throughout most the US.

Where to go depends on the activity. Some people travel to crowded resort spots for some water-skiing or rafting. For them, it's worth the expense and high population for the unique adrenalin rush of shooting down the rapids — or managing to stand up on their skis. While places such as Big Bear in California are perfectly suitable for this high-octane crowd, those seeking a more tranquil experience would do well to look elsewhere.

With encroaching urbanism pushing against still-abundant wilderness areas, it may be necessary to hike up the trail for some time before encountering a lake that's "all yours". For many people this is the ultimate in outdoor recreation. Cooking fish for breakfast, reading a book all day, swimming hourly having plenty of time for yourself and your companions are the perks of this type of experience, but some may miss the convenience and comfort offered by outdoor recreation areas with accessibility to restaurants or hotels.

The majority of New York State is made up of state park lands, and even the crowded San Francisco Bay Area is a relatively short car trip away from some amazing scenery and wilderness areas. With a little planning and research, a satisfying experience can be had a short distance away from your home.

If you're looking for an experience that's a little more demanding than that of the typical weekend warrior, it may be worthwhile to consider booking a guide or purchasing a package expedition. There are many excellent guides that can take you on a several week journey of personal discovery that's certain to change your perspective when it's time to go back to the daily grind.

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