Take The Bite Out Of Mosquitoes This Summer

By: Judy Leiser

Mosquitoes have always been pesty visitors when it comes to summer enjoyment, but because of the West Nile virus, it has become critical that we do whatever we can to reduce the number of mosquitoes paying visits to our yards.

Paradox Productions has come up with a list of strategies to minimize the attack of the mosquitoes this summer. Most are based on reducing the number of mosquitoes or reducing the desire of the mosquito to attack your tasty family members.

First, get your home and garden mosquito-proof:

Second, protect the people who live in your home:

Illnesses related to mosquito bites are rare. However, a person should see a doctor immediately if they develop symptoms such as high fever, confusion, neck pain, muscle weakness or severe headaches. Patients with mild symptoms are likely to recover completely and do not require any specific medication or laboratory testing.

What's New in the Battle over the Mosquito?

These simple techniques can reduce the nagging mosquito problem, at least in own your backyard.

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