Attitude Is Everything

There are little ways for all of us to display a positive attitude while finding meaning and purpose for our lives. In the process of genuine involvement and sharing, it is important to remember that an attitude that promotes meaning is created because of what we do, not because others choose to reciprocate.

A Million Little Pieces Of Deception

Memoirs are a non-fiction account about one’s life story. There is no room for inaccuracies, or embellishments in an author’s memoirs. We tell our story as it is, not the way we want others to perceive us. We do not fabricate information and details of events to make our memoirs more enticing to our reading audience. Most authors of non-fictional literature have gone to great lengths to verify the authenticity of their facts. That is the nature of non-fiction writing. However, James Frey failed to write his account in an accurate, factual manner. So why didn’t James do it?

Butter Fried Krispy Kreme Donuts

Several months ago I was visiting my grandmother in Kingsport, TN and discovered the most delicious food ever! I awoke one morning and found her frying a Krispy Kreme donut. My immediate response was, “that’s disgusting!” She told me to hold off until I had tasted it. She was right, it was the most delicious heart-stopping food I’d ever had. After one bite, all of the fancy desserts I’d eaten before had completely disappeared from my memory.

How To Handle The Holiday Blues

Often people with the holiday blues feel guilty and disappointed because they are unable to meet the expectations of a joyful holiday season. They may have reason to feel sad, but they try to discount those feelings in order to uphold the sacredness of the positive traditions. When the holidays create this sadness, there are ways you can relieve the intensity of the blues.

Does Anyone Admit Mistakes Anymore?

It appears that it’s not currently acceptable to practice admitting mistakes, particularly in the realm of service to others. What happened to the days when people accepted wrong-doing and took ownership for their mistakes? Customer relationship failure in the public and private sector appears in vogue.

‘Giving Works’ And ‘Charity Focus’ Offer New Tools For Online Giving

In 2001, the most popular form of charitable giving was still through door-to-door requests. Since then, online giving has become an increasingly popular way to make charitable donations.

Heroes And Role Models: The People We Admire

I think that it is important to make a distinction between the heroic figures that we value and the role models that have impacted our lives. What are the characteristics that differentiate our heroes from those people who have acted as role models for us? How do heroes and role models affect our behavior and the way we relate to the world?

Two Great Pumpkin Recipes

Holiday seasons should be about sharing so here are two simple recipes I would like to give to you like they were given to me.

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