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Asia travel can lead you from amazing historical relics (think Cambodia's Angkor Wot--an enormous, jungle-ringed structure that's also a Wonder of the World) to bustling cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and other exciting places to visit.

Also experience the pristine beaches in Thailand that eagerly await you or go to Malaysia and Taiwan to check out the amazing views from some of the world's tallest buildings. Packed with excitement, you'll also find Asia travel to be a wonderful way to experience heart-warming hospitality from locals everywhere.

Most of Asia's countries have undergone dramatic change in the past century. Rapid industrialization and cultural change have left the continent's head spinning, and first-time visitors are often overwhelmed with excitement from the moment they step off the plane.

Delve into the delicious cuisine on your Asia travel experience. Luckily, good food is not hard to find. Thailand, Korea, India, and Vietnam offer unique and tantalizing palettes of spices in their traditional cuisine (the question of who serves the spiciest food is hotly contested). Japan—while famous for sushi—also has specialized and novel eateries such as restaurants that serve only cake and wine. China offers hearty, delicious food served over rice, but can also whip up a mean noodle—no surprise, since it's actually the birthplace of the noodle.

It's possible to get cheap airfare to your favorite Asia travel and the dollar is still a powerful currency in Asia. Accommodations range from five-star hotels to Buddhist monasteries, with everything in between. With dozens of unique cultures and every conceivable climate (from tropical climes to the Himalayas), traveling in Asia offers unmatched variety and possibility. With Beijing, China due to host the Olympics in 2008, and the economic boom now long underway, there's never been a better time to see what's waiting for you when you travel to Asia.

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