Disney World Vacation

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Disney World offers vacation possibilities beyond those found in amusement parks. The company has in recent years taken steps to surround their parks with resort environments, offering various packages that allow you take a fantastic extended Disney World vacation. Besides the spectacle, luxury, wonders, and thrills to be found at Disney World, this particular park provides more subtle pleasures.

Walt Disney's creative vision led his company from simple cartoons to a vast entertainment empire that includes films and amusement parks and everything in between. Originating with Disneyland in Anaheim, the company now has theme parks in France and Japan, with plans for more to come. Arguably the crown jewel of this set of extremely popular theme parks is Disney World in Florida. A Disney World vacation offers a variety of experiences for everyone in the family.

The ability of Disney films to appeal to people of all ages has not been lost in the transition from movies to parks. Enjoy rides that range from the gentle elephant-shaped pods whirling around a pole to full-blown thrilling roller coasters.

What separates Disney World from other competitor parks is the attention to detail. It's clear that the company intends to make each ride an experience invites you into a fantastical world--if only for a day--that is totally unforgettable. The Disney amusement parks have earned a well-deserved reputation as some of the cleanest, safest, and most creative amusement parks in the world.

Epcot Center offers a fascinating glimpse of how some of the more innovative minds of the past imagined our present day life. The company offers visitors an opportunity to sample something of different cultures. Several countries are represented, with cuisine being prepared by people from a particular food's country of origin. For example, actual Germans staff the German restaurant, providing as authentic an experience as possible short of traveling to Germany.

To top off what Disney has managed to provide visitors to Disney World, the park has the good fortune to be situated in Florida's beautiful climate. This enormous, unique entertainment complex offers vacation possibilities that are second to none.

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