Family Road Trip Fun: How Best To Travel With Kids

By: Sherrie Le Masurier

Family Travel is meant to be fun and relaxing and with a little road trip planning, you can organize your car travel to make this year's road trip your best family vacation ever.

When it comes to road trip planning it's important to expect the unexpected and be prepared. Turn to creative solutions like pre-planned snacks and car games to counter "I'm hungry" screams and "Are We There Yet?" questions. Every time you travel with kids you can count on the need for both creative solutions and a ton of car games to keep the kid's busy.

Following are some of my favourite ways to make a family vacation car trip not only bearable but fun.

Okay, so now your kids are well nourished and have their activity box before them. But with a day or two of traveling still ahead, your kids'short attention span may yet get the better of them. Ward off sibling battles and screams like "She's looking at me again!" with the following car travel solutions.

As a child one of my favourite family travel games was to create a story together. Dad would start the first sentence, then mom, myself and my brother would add to it. Each of us would take a turn adding a sentence as the story unfolded.

Another favorite road trip car game was "I'm going on a trip and I'm bringing..." Here someone starts the game off by naming an item that starts with the letter "A". After "A" , the next player will say the same thing but with the letter "B", and so on.

If you're looking for creative verbal games that will help build your kid's vocabulary, check out 101 Word Games at

Finally, countdown the distance to go, with a bunch of Cheerios or Fruit Loops pre-thread on shoestring licorice. Your kids can enjoy one with every passing kilometer.

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Written by Sherrie Le Masurier, Lifestyle Columnist, Professional Organizer and Co-Owner of Family Sanity - © 2005.

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