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Many people dream of making it "across the pond" to visit our neighbors in foggy old London-town. No matter what your fancy is, London can accommodate it with an extra dose of World famous British charm, and a pleasant "G'day Gov'nor".

There are a few things in London that everyone must see before they die. The first is Buckingham Palace and the beefeaters that guard it. The palace is a work of art architecturally, and the royal jewels that the silent and motionless guards are protecting are as beautiful a work of craftsmanship as you are like to see.

Just around the corner you will find 10 Downing Street the place where the prime minister governs from. Nearby visit Picadilly Circus with its great shopping and also the West End with its long history of theater and musicals.

No London vacation would be complete without a visit to the many sites along the edge of the River Thames, and a peek at the mighty water, possibly including a river tour on a casual boat.

The first stop along a river walk has to be the Tate Modern. Built in a disused power plant, this building has been redesigned and now houses one of the greatest collections of modern art in the world.

After a short stroll past the Tate, take a trip up to new heights in the London Eye, a tower that pierces the sky with a rotating platform to take star-struck visitors up into the heavens—and safely back down again.

A London vacation can last as long as you want, from a few days to a few months. British hospitality is well known around the world, and staying in a quaint English B&B can be the experience of a lifetime. With such culinary delights as bangers and mash, you may find yourself wanting your vacation in London to last a lifetime.

Coming to London for a vacation can be a culturally noteworthy experience, but let's not forget about the active hot spots that make London a great town to experience nightlife. From the smoky pubs to the late nightclubs—some located on the Thames itself—a vacation in London has a lot to offer the young and those who are young at heart.

Indeed, going on a London vacation is a great bet, and a place to gain memories that will last you a lifetime.

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