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It has been said that an Orlando vacation has something for everyone. And with its wealth of amusement parks and family activities, this saying proves true again and again.

Have you ever wanted to wrestle an alligator? How about shaking hands with a dapper old gentleman named Mickey Mouse? Orlando is the place for that plus countless other fun things to do.

But a vacation--even one including the whole family--does not have to break your bank. Indeed, Orlando is the ideal vacation spot for any budget, large or small. With its wealth of amusement parks and access to the beaches, resorts, and other attractions of Florida, an Orlando vacation may be the ultimate destination.

Kick off your vacation off with a visit to Disney World. As one of the largest amusement parks in the world, Disney World is truly the Magic Kingdom. From the Epcot center to the thrill rides and roller coaster, Disney caters to all ages. All your wishes can be granted here.

Customer service is key in Disney World, and a trip would not be complete without a stay in one of their magical hotels. No matter what your desire, from burger and fries to a "Mickey Mouse shake", it can be accommodated in a Disney hotel.

But amusement does not end with the word "Disney". In fact, Orlando also houses the Seaworld and Universal Studios amusement parks.

For an underwater adventure and aerial acrobatics that are hard to beat, Seaworld is the place to go. It truly is the next stop on an Orlando vacation itinerary: but for water lovers it might be the first.

Then there is Universal Studios. For action, stunts, and hair-raising rides, Universal Studios will get you moving. Truly a destination for the whole family, no vacation in Orlando would be complete without a stopover here.

An Orlando vacation can offer a boatload of fun, for young and old alike. But it can also be affordable, and that is the true beauty of this sunny city. Orlando offers something for everybody.

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