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Why Take A Carnival Cruise?

A carnival cruise is one of the best-loved types of cruise in the world. It offers a heady mix of onboard entertainment, pampering and relaxation, all within the plush surroundings of a cruise ship as it sails from port to port. The cruise ship caters for every taste, making carnival cruises equally suitable for those who want to laze endlessly by the pool, to people who are looking for a full-on party atmosphere.

Why Take A Caribbean Cruise?

Comprising of around 50 islands (750 if you count the archipelago of the Bahamas), the Caribbean is a real treasure trove when it comes to cruising. A rich variety of vistas, people and places await, along with swaying palms and idyllic beaches of golden sand. The network of islands in the Caribbean is in fact so extensive that it is possible to book several Caribbean cruises and avoid going to the same islands twice!

Why Take A Bahamas Cruise?

The Bahamas is arguably the most popular cruise destination for U.S. travelers, and is especially popular with first-time cruisers from the U.S. Only 75kms from mainland USA, the outer islands that make up the group can be reached within a matter of hours. This makes the Bahamas an excellent choice of location for a short Bahamas cruise break of two, three or four nights away from home.

Why Take an Australia Cruise?

Australia is a country of amazing diversity and awe- inspiring beauty. From grand cities to ancient coral reefs, there is no end of star attractions in the land of Oz and the best way to see them is to book yourself on an Australia cruise.

Why Take An Alaska Cruise?

The Alaska cruise is a breathtaking adventure that you’ll never forget. Giant snow-capped mountains, sparkling glaciers, thick pine forests rising up from the shoreline and abundant wildlife vie for your attention in this dramatic landscape. Towns and villages brimming with history tell a story of the Great Land that will endear Alaska to you forever.

Why Take a Disney Cruise?

All Disney cruises depart from Port Canaveral in Florida through Disney Cruise Lines, and take guests out on a voyage of the Caribbean. Short 3-night cruises are catered for as well as 7 night cruises that encompass a larger number of ports around the Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean.

Traveling With Teens

Little kids rarely have preconceived expectations about travel—they’re just so delighted to be going someplace new—so it’s hard to disappoint them. But teenagers are a lot more particular about what they think is fun. And you can pretty well count on there being some differences between your definition and theirs.

Tried and True Tips for Traveling with Kids

Get the kids involved. Who says they can’t help to pick out a place and magically become a part of the “adventure?” Show them a few choices written out on piece of paper and let them look at the areas with you on the Internet. Print out information sheets on the ones they are excited about. Don’t show or print out any place that you are not really considering.

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