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When thinking of travel to Spain, you're likely to evoke images of a party paradise, warm weather, and the Costa del Sol. Spain travel is really great way to enjoy world-class nightclubs and pubs when you step past the velvet rope and you'll discover creative and dazzling decors ranging from gothic caves to ultra-modern discos.

But maybe throbbing beats and sizzling dancing aren't what you want from your Spain travel experience—in that case you can take a break from the heat down a narrow alley and into an authentic drinking hole right out of a novel by Hemingway. Spain also offers some of the world's best jazz—from the super-hot Barcelona scene to the numerous foreign bands that come to tour for this country's appreciative audiences.

The venues here are as scintillating as the music—more often than not they are set up like speakeasy caverns where the party goes all night. Spain travel is also an excellent way to get to enjoy the famous tapas which are served at many of the bars.

Experience the amazing Flamenco when you travel to Spain. This traditional dance and music is heavily influenced by the gitano (gypsy) population. It's steeped in sensuality, danger and wailing, desolate melodies that often reduce both performers and audience in tears—only to explode into rhythmically frenetic displays of virtuosi dancing and guitar playing.

The itinerary for your Spain travel experience may also involve bullfighting. While somewhat controversial, this is a pulse-pounding meditation on mortality that the Spanish convert into celebration. A relief from these stirring spectacles is the carnival-like atmosphere of a Spanish soccer game. Some of the world's best soccer talent is found in Spain, and the enthusiasm of the spectators is unmatched, with the whole city coming alive when a match is held.

Spain travel is a great way to expose your self to a wide variety of fascinating attractions. Starting with the Moorish splendor of Granada (picture the amazing Alhambra palace) to the glistening city of Barcelona and from the rich and exciting capital Madrid to the mystical coastal cities of San Sebastian and Valencia, Spain is a treasure trove of cultural discovery.

From the warm, welcoming Mediterranean and slow, idyllic olive groves to the bustling, metropolitan cities, travel in Spain offers something for everyone.

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