Coping With Temper Tantrums

By: CJ Krebs

All parents with children have either experienced it or will experience it sooner than they think. Tantrums! Every parent has had those little humungous moments when their child screams, kicks, or even drops to the floor. You know what I'm talking about. This usually happens when a child is upset or angry and doesn't exactly know how to say so. You can help teach your child better ways to express these feelings as they get older.

So, do you give in to these little tantrums? What about when you are in public and are embarrassed? The answer is "No." No matter what the situation may be, never give into a tantrum. If you do, your child will learn that tantrums work like a charm and continue to exercise them out whenever and where ever. If you make a promise to buy them something if they be quiet, you are watering the seed that makes these tantrums sprout. Therefore, your child has learned how to push your buttons. You must stand your ground and not give in, even if you have to leave the scene.

Here are some ways to help prevent a tantrum. You can't prevent all problems, but you can keep some from developing beforehand.

So, you've got a little humungous tantrum on your hands. It snuck up behind you and there it is. Now what? Well, here are some little tips that might help out during those little unexpected moments.

Above all, always remember: Never give in to tantrums!

© 2002 CJ Krebs

CJ Krebs, proud mother of four children, who writes short parenting articles and bible studies.

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