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Coping With Temper Tantrums

So, you’ve got a little humungous tantrum on your hands. It snuck up behind you and there it is. Now what? Here are some ways to help prevent and deal with tantrums.

R-Movies Linked To Teen Smoking, Drinking

HANOVER, NH – Researchers from the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth College have identified a new strategy for parents who don’t want their children to smoke or drink: don’t let them watch R-rated movies.

Thumb-Sucking In School Aged Children

In the earlier months of life, a dependency on sucking is common as the baby has an innate instinct to suck so he/she can feed. The repetitive motion of the mouth provides a sense of calming. Thumb sucking or using a pacifier helps the child with self-control and self-soothing.

Bedtime Comforts For Babies Through Early Elementary

If your children are having trouble falling asleep, or complain of nightmares, try the following relaxing ideas to help them sleep more soundly.

Taking The Struggle Out Of Power Struggles

There will always be power struggles between parent and child. But building character comes from learning to negotiate what you want and taking another person?s perspective into account. We can teach this to our kids through daily examples that show them how to successfully give and take.

Attention Getting Misbehavior

Parenting is a daily struggle in our household; one, which on good days, is taken head on utilizing the best approaches from the nation’s experts. On the other days, well, we just survive; and later, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, we learn from our mistakes.

When Kids Won’t Eat

What do you do when your child won’t eat? Many parents today are facing this issue more so than you would think. Toddlers, especially, assert their independence by becoming a picky eater sometimes. No need to panic if your child doesn’t get the recommended number of calories a day. Instead of panicking, focus on helping your child develop good eating habits.

Dealing with Tantrums

If you have a toddler or preschooler, dealing with tantrums might have you almost at the end of your rope. The following are some techniques that I have found very helpful in dealing with tantruming children. Some of these measures need to be taken when children are not tantruming, because there are important steps you can take at times when tantrums are not occurring to reduce their frequency.

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