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Announcing Expectations

Expectations abound everywhere. At work, we are expected to perform various tasks, to cooperate with colleagues, and to finish a project. In school, we are expected to study and read our homework. There are no relationships, affiliations, or associations where expectations don?t exist.

An Allowance And Your Child’s Growth

You really can’t successfully start an allowance until a child understands how to count. It’s even better if they can do basic addition and subtraction. One of the first things they’ll learn with an allowance is to recognize the different coins and how to make change. Usually your child will be ready in the 6 to 8-year old range.

Young Adult Fantasy: Promoting Witchcraft And Magic Or Just Good Fun?

Emily, the 10-year-old daughter of my friend, Sadie, was watching the pomp and pageantry of the new Pope waving to the masses from his balcony in Vatican City. She commented gleefully: “And did you know that the Pope likes Harry Potter too, Mum?”

What Does It Take to Raise Happy Children?

One of the most frequent comments I get from parents is “I just want my kid to be happy.” Though an admirable and common objective, happiness is one of the most neglected family values in twenty-first-century America. Few parents grasp the essential meaning of happiness for their children and fewer still understand how they can help their children to find it.

10 Ways To Help Kids To Really Say No And Buck Peer Pressure

Assertive skills can be taught to kids. Though it is never too late, the sooner parents start boosting this friendship skill builder, the greater your child’s confidence will be in social settings, and the easier you’ll sleep.

Affirming Your Children’s Voice: How And When To Encourage Your Child To Speak Up

Children don’t automatically know when and how to speak up. They don’t understand the appropriate times to interrupt. Nor do they often demonstrate the skills that will enable them to speak up effectively. They don’t understand the power of words and how to use them to create change in their lives.

Fear Of Failure: A Childhood Epidemic

Fear of failure among children in America today is at epidemic proportions. Fear of failure causes children to experience debilitating anxiety before they take a test, compete in a sport, or perform in a recital. It causes them to give less than their best effort, not take risks, and, ultimately, never achieve complete success.

The Importance Of Allowance

Do you give your kids an allowance? If you do, then you have begun your child’s journey with appropriate money managing skills. If not, perhaps it’s time you started. Giving a child an allowance has many benefits, and it teaches responsibility in your child.

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