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Parenting Commitment Quiz: How Committed Are You To Raising Caring, Confident Responsible Children?

Are you a committed parent? Do you place family first? Is your success at home as important as the success you achieve in other areas of your life? Most parents would answer ?yes? to these questions. Probably you would too. But are you really committed? Do your actions match your beliefs about your level of commitment? Would you like to find out just how committed you really are to your children and the role of parenting? If so, take this quiz.

The Cost Of Competition On Kids

The subject of competition is one that provokes some pretty strong feelings in the United States. In fact, even hinting that competition might not be such a great thing can cause one to be labeled un-American.

Top Ten Ways To Teach Values To Your Kids

In a consumer-driven society that broadcasts values you don’t approve of, how can you teach values to your kids? Here are ten ideas to help you.

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

When a baby finds that her signals are validated and responded to appropriately?that troubles are soothed and pleasure enhanced?she begins to sense that her feelings, expressions, of her very being, are of value and important. A baby learns that she counts for something. This is the foundation of the development of self-esteem?a combination of who you are, how you feel about yourself, and what you think about your future potential.

Keeping Kids Healthy in a Land of Plenty

We live in a country of unprecedented wealth and prosperity; a land also filled with parents worried about how such abundance will negatively impact their children. Will it sap their motivation, twist their values, or turn them into spoiled brats? In my twenty-five years counseling families I?ve witnessed the difficult challenges parents face around their kids and money. And what I?ve learned I?ve put into The Five Immutable Laws of Financial Parenting.

STAR Testing for Character

At some point, kids need to learn to stand up for themselves and to be assertive. However, society is now pushing kids in the direction of aggression, not assertiveness. They want their kids to win at almost any cost. We are in the middle of a national crisis on character and its time we stop and think about the standards we are truly setting up for our kids.

Happiness is an Attitude of Choice

Many times in the past few years I have been asked, “If you could only teach one idea to every kid you taught in your 29 years as a teacher, what would that idea be?” My answer has always been the same! If I could only teach one idea to every kid I ever taught it would be that “Happiness is an attitude of choice!”

Fight Nice: Relationship Tips For Parents Of Young Children

The heat of the moment is when we say things that can really damage intimacy. Here are some tips for staying calm, even amid the chaos that often defines life with young children.

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