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Teaching Kids About Money (Part I) – Allowance 101

Whether you are conscious of it or not, your children will learn from what they see you do, more so than what you say. When it comes to money issues such as financial responsibility and budgeting, where and when do we expect kids to learn these critical life lessons?

The Language of Learned Helplessness: Quiz

Not many parents set out to raise a thirty-year-old Nintendo player who sprawls on the couch all day sucking up pizza and diet Pepsi. Yet many parents actually subvert their positive intention of raising responsible, confident, fully functioning children. They do it by unconsciously using Parent Talk that allows and encourages helplessness.

Tips for Parenting the Only Child

Parents with one child face common dynamics. Being aware of these dynamics helps us to approach parenting prepared, able to “head off” the negatives that might lead to full-blown issues in parenting our only child. Let’s look at three dynamics common to parenting one child.

Helping Girls Become Successful Women

Dr. Rimm suggests ten tips to encourage and stimulate girls’ self-esteem and confidence, and help them to become eager to learn and ready to lead.

Building A Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has always been important in every day life. The term ?self-esteem? refers to how children feel about themselves. Studies show that children who think very little of themselves may do inadequately in school.

Teaching Children Religious Tolerance

There are many ways to teach children religious tolerance. But first, we must realize that our own attitudes and actions toward those of different faiths play a crucial role.

Test Your Child’s Moral IQ

Moral intelligence consists of the personal, social, mental, emotional, and moral skills that make up solid character and guide moral behaviors. It is what your child needs most to counter negative pressures and do what’s right with or without your guidance. Here’s a quiz to assess how well your child is developing this essential IQ that he’ll need for living ethically in today’s troubling times.

Teaching Kids the Value of Money

The more we’ve let our daughter go do things with her friends, the more she takes those things for granted, and expects more. She then resents doing something so menial as her household chores. So now we make sure her chores are done before she goes anywhere. “Room’s not clean, laundry not started? Better hurry and do them before you go do something with your friends. Don’t have time? Then I guess you’re out of luck.” But that was only the start.

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