Test Your Child’s Moral IQ

By: Dr. Michele Borba

Moral intelligence consists of the personal, social, mental, emotional, and moral skills that make up solid character and guide moral behaviors. It is what your child needs most to counter negative pressures and do what's right with or without your guidance. Here's a quiz to assess how well your child is developing this essential IQ that he'll need for living ethically in today's troubling times.

My child (without adult reminders or coaxing) regularly:

Answer with a Yes or No

____ Shows sensitivity and has a lot of feeling for others.

____ Tries to see things from the other person's view, not just his own.

____ Is honest and trustworthy; can be counted on to keep his word.

____ Feels shame or guilt about his wrong actions; accepts the blame.

____ Easily calms down when excited or angry; copes with behavioral impulses

____ Behaves appropriately without reminders; thinks before acting.

____ Treats everyone respectfully and courteously; no back talk or sass.

____ Shares, helps, or comforts others without expecting something in return.

____ Is open-minded: listens to all sides before forming opinions.

____ Focuses on the positive traits of others instead of their differences.

____ Tries to solve problems fairly and peacefully; willing to compromise.

If you checked less than 8 "yes" it means your child's moral IQ could use some boosting. And the best news is that this intelligence can be taught. Building Moral Intelligence shows you simple, proven ways you can enhance this marvelous capacity in your child. It's never too early-or late-to begin.

Dr. Michele Borba. Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing Jossey Bass Publishers, A Wiley Company, 2001. www.moralintelligence.com Please contact for permission to reprint.

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