Does Your Child Know Their Address?

By: Angela Billings

This is a very important lesson to teach your children at an early age. Children should know their name, age, address, phone number and parents name at as young an age as possible. I have seen several news reports recently about lost children that were found but could not tell anyone their names or those of their parents making it harder for authorities to find the parents of the child.

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Teach your children your name not just mom or dad. Say " I am mommy but my name is ____"

  2. Children need to know their first and last name

  3. Teach them their age

  4. Cut out a construction paper house and write your address on it and go over this with your child regularly

  5. Cut out a construction paper phone and do the same as above , with your phone number.

  6. Make a song out of the information for them to learn.

Angela Billings is a homeschool mom of 2 and has an online business where she has articles, offers a no cost online newsletter for kid crafts,etc and has an unusual product for children called "Coloring Shirts."

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