The Offspring

By: Equality in Marriage

The Offspring. It is such an emotionless phrase, like the children are property or something you display on a table in your foyer. Often in divorce younger children do become nothing more than a bartering tool and their well being gets lost in the game of tug-of-war. Older children, even those far from the nest, often experience a huge emotional roller coaster and, sometimes, their views on their own relationships are affected.

Like every other component of your divorce, there is both a business and emotional challenge in dealing with children during the process. If there are young ones under 18, there is the matter of custody. Regardless of your child's age, there is the challenge of keeping them emotionally balanced through the process. Here are some tips for dealing with both sides of this issue:

The Business of Custody

The Emotional Balance of Children (of all ages)

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