A Mother’s Prayer

By: Anne Leedom

Lord, as I lay my head on my pillow tonight, what shall I pray for?
My nightly prayer for my childrenís safety,
Love in my life, and good health seem wrong as my heart fills with guilt
Knowing thousands will not be able to pray tonight with their loved ones
Only echoes of heart wrenching goodbyes remain

My prayers should be for the brave and the dead,
For the families and their losses and for the frightening times to come
Lord, what should I pray for tonight?

What shall my childrenís prayers be today, Lord?
Do they pray for their parents and be grateful for all they have?
Should they know to pray for babies
Who will never hold their mothers again,
For fathers who will never watch their children
Grow to be strong and happy adults?
Should their hearts be filled with heartbreak
So they can pray for the hearts of the world?

Lord, teach my heart a prayer filled with wisdom
A prayer to reach out to others
While cherishing whatís still mine
A prayer that will help me find peace in my world
Yet to be touched by the horrors that await.

Lord, help me to know the suffering of those who have lost
Give me the words to calm my childrenís horror
As they see the world for the first time
With fear and uncertainty, pain and terror
Mommy canít make it all better this time
My little one says as she looks in my tear stained eyes

Lord, show me the way to see the light through the darkness
Give my children hope
Help me as I read to my child and sing her to sleep
To remember what we still have
And not pass my terror on to her innocent heart
What shall I pray for tonight, Lord

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