A Wrinkle In Time

By: Madeleine L'Engle

Reviewed By: Katherine Olney

A Wrinkle In Time
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For many children, reading this book is a turning point in their intellectual lives, opening to them worlds of science and literary complexity. Grown scientists who read the book as a child recall it as being the first book that encouraged openness to imaginative speculation, the root of all scientific inquiry and creativity.

In a book this rich, children of widely differing tastes and temperaments find different elements to enjoy. Those who like action and adventure enjoy its science fiction story, filled with strange creatures and Meg's showdown with IT. Preteens of both sexes can relate to the coming-of-age theme, with a hint of romance, and commentary on the value of individuality over conformity. And kids who aren't terribly popular enjoy watching an outcast become a hero, and doing so by finding that her faults are also her strengths.

Parents who want to expose their children to women and girls who are passionate about math and science would do well to slip their child a copy of this book. Not only do Meg and her mother fit this particular bill, but it is Meg who wages the battle between good and evil. "I liked that it was Meg who rescued her father and brother" remembers one science-loving fourteen-year-old who read the book in fifth grade. "I also never forgot Mrs. Who's description of a tesseract ... it was so cool!"

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From the book:

"That sort of shadow out there," Calvin gestured. "What is it? I don't like it."

"Watch," Mrs. Whatsit commanded . . .

Meg looked. The dark shadow was still there. It had not lessened or dispersed with the coming of night. And where the shadow was the stars were not visible.

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