How It Feels When A Parent Dies

By: Jill Krementz

Reviewed By: Jon Henshaw, M.A.

How It Feels When A Parent Dies
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In this moving and insightful book about what it means to children when a parent dies, eighteen children -- boys and girls, black and white, from seven to sixteen years old -- speak openly, honestly, unreservedly, of their experiences and feelings. And as they speak we see them in photographs -- with their surviving parent, with their brothers and sisters, with their pets, in the midst of their everyday lives. Their stories are set down here so that children experiencing the loss of a mother or a father may know that others have felt the same anguish and guilt, confusion and anger -- and that these feelings are normal, even appropriate. It is liberating to listen to these children speak from their hearts on so profoundly personal and important a subject, and to realize how their words may be of help and comfort, whether read by a child alone or shared with a parent.

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