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How It Feels When A Parent Dies

The children in the book experience a wide range of tragedies, including parents who died from accidents, suicide, and chronic illness. The author gives the reader a glimpse of the immediate sadness that occurs right after the death of a parent, and also sheds light on how children cope over time.

Mommy and Me: Playgroup Favorites

I worked as a licensed in-home daycare provider, a preschool teacher, and an assistant childcare director. I’m also a mother and an auntie so I can speak from experience when I say this music CD is a MUST for parents, playgroups, and teachers of young toddlers. In fact, I believe this CD would make the perfect baby shower gift!

Our Dad Died: The True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed

Death of a loved one is always difficult. However, experiencing the death of a parent as a child is not only difficult, it can also be quite confusing. For most children, the idea of death is a surreal concept, often void of context and reality. Additionally, the manner in which most family and friends behave towards children (after they have lost their parent) can be equally as confusing.

Little People: Learning to See the World Through My Daughter’s Eye’s

Becky Kennedy was more than her parents had bargained for. Born a dwarf, her early medical problems nearly overwhelmed the family’s resources. But as surely as she recovered and grew into a healthy little girl, Becky became more than Dan and Barbara Kennedy could have hoped for: not a merely a miniature likeness of themselves, but a little person with such a unique perspective that she opened their eyes to a whole other world.

A Wrinkle In Time

For many children, reading this book is a turning point in their intellectual lives, opening to them worlds of science and literary complexity. Grown scientists who read the book as a child recall it as being the first book that encouraged openness to imaginative speculation, the root of all scientific inquiry and creativity.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

It’s a potent and volatile brew that Rowling has mixed up in her largest cauldron yet (870 pages!), and there’s hardly a literary genre left out: fantasy, mystery, suspense, horror, humor, coming-of-age, school story, allegory, political thriller, buddy story.

Teeth Are Not for Biting

Teeth Are Not for Biting talks frankly about why children bite others, and also attempts to instill empathy into children who may be prone to biting.

Life Lists for Teens

When I think of books written for teenagers, I usually think of authors who try to connect with teenagers by inspiring, pleading and sometimes scaring them into listening to their story; Which is why Life Lists for Teens pleasantly surprised me.

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