Real Wheels: High Speed Adventures

By: Warner Home Video

Reviewed By: Alyice Edrich

Real Wheels: High Speed Adventures
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Race cars, stock cars, motorcycles, motocross bikes, and space ships! What little boy wouldn't find himself in heaven with a film showcasing all these fast paced, high adventure "big boy" toys!

My little girl is infatuated with race cars. While you can blame it on Van Diesel, this film is a much healthier choice for children with appetites for the fast and the furious!

This film reminds me of a documentary geared towards the minds of young children. While the film does discuss elements of history, safety, mechanics, and design, it's not boring. There's a little skit by Dave, the narrator, and his side-kick, Becky, there's lots of fast-paced action scenes, and even a lesson at the end of each segment!

If you're looking for the perfect for your toddler, I'd highly recommend Real Wheels: High Speed Adventures.

Alyice Edrich is the editor of The Dabbling - where BUSY parents find balance. She is also the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours without joining an MLM or home party business.

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