The Smart Mom’s Guide To Staying Home

By: Christine K. Walker

Reviewed By: Alyice Edrich

The Smart Mom's Guide To Staying Home
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In a two-income economy families are finding it more and more difficult than ever to make ends meet. Yet, many families are determined to pay off their debts and get one parent home—for the kids! But how can two-income families become one-income families, in a two-income economy? (Try that tongue twister on for size.)

Christine Walker, author of The Smart Mom's Guide To Staying Home, says the answer is "a matter of being frugal, not cheap." In 65 essay-style frugal, but not cheap, tips, walker explains ways she successfully cuts corners without living a deprived lifestyle.

In her book, families are reminded of several ways they overspend without realizing their money is going out the door. She goes into detail, by example, of ways every family can decrease expenses, organize their homes, cut food waste, and literally find stop buying duplicate and overpriced items.

If you're new to cutting corners and living on a tight budget, you'll want to read this book. It's such a leisure read, you can have it completed in one night.

Courtesy of Alyice Edrich, editor of The Dabbling; where BUSY parents find advice, balance, inspiration, and how-to e-books.

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