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Dealing With Your Anger

Sometimes I get so mad at my kids! Yes, they were misbehaving but I feel bad about getting angry with them. Children stir up powerful feelings, including anger, and you are not alone in getting mad. Nonetheless, adult anger is very scary for little children, and it can start a parent down the slippery slope of emotional or even physical abuse. Plus it’s a kind of affliction upon the parent herself: it feels terrible and makes us feel guilty.

What Mom Can Do for Dad

When kids come along, a mom and dad have to work harder than ever. Naturally, they each get stressed and depleted. And that means they need more from each than ever!

Getting More Help From Your Partner

Some couples are equal partners in the work of making a family. But that’s the exception, since many studies have found that the average mother is on-task, working away at one thing or another, about twenty hours a week MORE than her partner is, whether or not she is drawing a paycheck. And if she has no partner, in most cases just about all of the work of raising children falls to her alone.

Super Nutrients for Mothers

I’m not sick or anything, but I sure feel run down. What can I do ? that’s simple and easy, since I’ve got an infant, a toddler, and a preschooler (yikes!) ? to feel better?

Issues with Relatives

When children come along, relatives can be an incredible blessing or something of a curse – and sometimes both at the same time. Happily, there are lots of ways to keep things on a good footing with the relatives.

The Marathon of Motherhood

It begins before your first child is born: that incredible moment when you know you’ve conceived a new being, the long pregnancy, fixing up the baby’s room, finally the birth itself, and then the little breathing bundle, the life delivered into your arms. The details differ a bit if you’ve adopted a child, but the essentials are the same: anticipation, nervousness, and an extraordinary love.

Foundations of Love

One of the most common complaints mothers have is the new and growing distance often present once a child enters the relationship. A relationship that was fun, loving and close now is filled with distance. It is so easy to conceive a child, and so hard to provide strong and lasting care. I think it is even harder to stay in love.

Are You Feeling Depleted?

?The hardest job in the world? gets done day after day for twenty years or more. And it?s all the more demanding the more kids you have, or if any of your children have special needs like a challenging temperament, disability, or health problem.

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