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Sex After Children

Our baby just had her first birthday, and my husband and I are getting along OK, but the problem is he?s really frustrated that we almost never make love because I usually feel too tired and touched-out when we finally get to bed.

What Dad Can Do for Mom

Out of our marriage and experience with many couples with children, here?s a Top Ten list (in no particular order) addressed to a father; hopefully some of these suggestions will fit your relationship…

Dealing with Insomnia

It’s common for a mom to be lying awake in bed while her baby or toddler is snoozing blissfully. Unfortunately, low quantity and poor quality (= depth) of sleep erode a mother’s health and well-being, and give her a strong shove down the slippery slope toward depression.

Exercise for Busy Moms

Exercise will improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your immune system, and help prevent obesity and adult-onset diabetes. It brings vitality, energy, and relaxation, lifts depressive feelings, and keeps you trim.

Running on Empty

Millions of American families are running on fumes. Start with the typical strains of working and raising children—then add today’s pace, the need for two incomes outside of the home, lengthening work weeks, frequent inequities in workload (typically stacked against women), and the breakdown of traditional supports like extended families and a stable community—and you have got modern family life.

Dealing with Summertime Stress

Summertime means long, sunny days, no school, lazy weekends, family vacations ? and lot’s more time with the kids. Most parents LOVE having their children around more. But it’s a mixed blessing since it also means that we’re dealing more with day to day child management (if kids are spending less time in school or daycare), and with hassles and sibling quarrels and schlepping kids to and fro. Plus long car rides and standing in lines at amusement parks and taking care of sunburns and . . . and . . . Plus arguing more with our mate, maybe, about how to deal with all of this. Yikes!

Depleted Mother Syndrome

As tough as all this is for fathers, it is usually even harder for mothers. As a generalization with some exceptions, women typically bear the greater brunt of childcare and housework plus often end up working a “second shift” after coming home from their job.

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